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5 Reasons Real Estate Agents Are Choosing Worth Clark Realty

Choosing a brokerage can be a tough decision for a real estate agent. You must compare and contrast the commission structure, community, support, and technology. Worth Clark Realty excels in each of these areas and more. There is nothing like having a brokerage that has your back, allows you the freedom to build your customized real estate business, and offers 100% commission guaranteed.


1. Competitive Compensation Structures

The number one reason real estate agents choose Worth Clark Realty is its unmatched compensation structure. Real estate agents thrive on commissions to make a living, and Worth Clark has embraced this by offering 100% commission since its inception. As a brokerage built from the ground up by real estate agents, Worth Clark knows firsthand how much 100% commission means to REALTORS®.

Worth Clark Realty offers agents a choice among four compensation plans and two subscription plans. These include Launch for newcomers, Pro-lite for real estate side hustles, Pro for full-time professionals, and Team for groups aiming to partner with a brokerage. This variety ensures there is a suitable plan for every agent’s career stage and goals. Additionally, with the 100% commission structure, agents keep the entirety of their hard-earned commissions and consistently report significantly higher earnings compared to their previous brokerages.


2. Support and Reputation

Agents at Worth Clark Realty receive excellent support in multiple ways. Whether you are a newcomer or a seasoned professional, Worth Clark’s staff is readily available to assist you. Worth Clark boasts a highly-rated support team, garnering a 9.6/10 rating from its agents. A standout feature for Worth Clark’s agents is the S.O.A.R. Training & Mentorship Program, which equips new agents with expert coaching. The comprehensive support Worth Clark Realty provides enables agents to manage sales and client interactions confidently. Many agents, especially newcomers, require substantial support. Without it, they risk failure or difficulty in expanding their client base. Worth Clark distinguishes itself from other brokerages with its superior daily support.

Numerous agents have cited Worth Clark’s stellar reputation as their reason for joining. Worth Clark operates across 15 states, with 1,200 agents, continually expanding its reach. Over half of the agents who join Worth Clark are referred by existing agents. Almost invariably, personal conversations with Worth Clark’s recruiting team result in agents deciding to join.


3. Technological Advancements

Last year, Worth Clark Realty introduced its WCR agent-exclusive app to facilitate communication among agents through features like local networking, referral capabilities, and a chat support portal. Worth Clark agents also benefit from kvCORE, a CRM system that allows personalized website customization and harnesses next-generation technology to optimize their online presence. For back office needs, agents have access to Workspace, a comprehensive system equipped with transaction management tools, an office intranet, and compliance support, offering a wide range of functionalities tailored to every real estate professional’s needs. Plus, Worth Clark has pioneered Wanda Ai, an artificial intelligence assistant specifically developed to assist agents in crafting blog content, listing descriptions, and social media posts.

Moreover, Worth Clark has rolled out several subscription services designed to support real estate agents with essential tools and resources. Embracing technology is a necessity and a strategic advantage at Worth Clark Realty, helping agents stay at the forefront of a competitive industry.


4. Freedom and Flexibility

A virtual independent brokerage such as Worth Clark creates a flexible environment that nurtures an entrepreneurial, motivated attitude. “As a new agent, I was hoping to find support yet flexibility in a brokerage, and that’s just what Worth Clark Realty has offered,” said Kristen Beahm, Worth Clark agent. “Our weekly updates, intranet, and agent events offer training and support as often or as little as you choose to participate, and they provide low brokerage fees and a flexible schedule.”

Agents seek the freedom to develop their real estate business in line with their personal goals and branding. Worth Clark embraces this approach, providing agents with complete autonomy—a stark contrast to many traditional brokerages. This policy does not impose any rigid rules, allowing agents the flexibility to expand their businesses in ways that fulfill their visions, dreams, and goals.


5. Innovative Business Model

The innovative business model at Worth Clark Realty sets it apart by emphasizing agent ownership, competitive commissions, and a high-value, low-cost approach. Its flexibility empowers agents to shape their real estate businesses according to their personal branding, fostering an entrepreneurial spirit. Brycen Gregor, one of Worth Clark’s agents, expressed his enthusiasm: “Innovative commission model allowing us not only a competitive advantage over big box brokerages but freedom to run our business how we see fit.” Worth Clark’s business model is highly customizable and tailored to each agent’s specific needs.


Worth Clark continues to thrive in the real estate industry. Agents appreciate the company’s commission structure, reliable support, stellar reputation, advanced technology, operational flexibility, and innovative business model. The Worth Clark team tirelessly works to incorporate the features agents desire most in their brokerage. Adaptability is a key priority in fulfilling its agents’ needs. Choosing Worth Clark is an excellent business decision that can improve your growth and success. While becoming a successful real estate agent is challenging, Worth Clark provides the necessary support to help you achieve your goals.

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