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Craft Your Career on Your Terms with Worth Clark Realty

As a real estate agent, flexibility and autonomy are key to branding and personalizing your business. At Worth Clark Realty, we empower you to run and brand your business your own way. We have flexible requirements regarding what you need to include in your business plan. Worth Clark provides unparalleled opportunities for agents to maintain true independence within their respective real estate businesses. Our business model and excellent team ensure that our agents have great support when needed while also enjoying the freedom to operate independently.

At Worth Clark Realty, we not only encourage our agents to create their own personal brands and start their own real estate businesses and teams, but we also provide the platform and resources to make it happen. We avoid imposing unnecessary limits on our agents in how they structure and maintain their businesses. This means you have the freedom to choose every detail of your business. Our agents typically embody a robust entrepreneurial spirit, which is essential for success in the real estate industry.

By providing resources upfront for agents to branch out independently, Worth Clark fosters an entrepreneurial spirit, supporting them to succeed regardless of market conditions or experience levels. Without constraints on your business decisions, the autonomy offered at Worth Clark helps your business grow exponentially. Take the example of Worth Clark agent Tasha Coleman, who says, “WCR has given me the flexibility to put my family first and run my business how I see fit. The technology allows me to work whenever and wherever I am.” Her success story is just one of many demonstrating the potential for growth and success at Worth Clark Realty.

The freedom and flexibility offered at Worth Clark are not reasons to reduce our support; quite the contrary. Agents at Worth Clark know they can reach out for assistance anytime. Our managing brokers are available seven days a week to help their local agents with open houses, client issues, and real estate nuances. Our agent support team is ready to help with any questions, ensuring responses are thorough and helpful. “Worth Clark Realty is an innovative company that allows realtors the freedom to customize their business to meet their ideal business goals,” said Worth Clark agent Precious Boyd. “Their back-office system is extremely easy to navigate, which makes being an independent in this industry a breeze, plus their set commission structure makes every closing much more empowering at the closing table.”

When you partner with Worth Clark, you gain access to extensive resources to expand your business. These include a website you can customize to your brand, access to our personal brokerage app, options to own stocks in the company, opportunities to train or mentor, access to our sponsored lead partners, compliance assistance, and more. “My wife, Courtney, and I operate as a team, and we love the flexibility and freedom that Worth Clark Realty gives us,” said Worth Clark agent Clark Hess. “We feel like we have better support than our previous big-name brokerage, and the technology tools that WCR provides are top-notch. The flat-fee commission structure is great and helps us be more competitive and run a more profitable business.” Worth Clark encourages agents to step out of their comfort zones and apply the tools they’ve learned to sell real estate and grow along the way.

We have built a community of agents across the U.S. that allows you to connect virtually and in person with fellow agents. Even as a virtual real estate brokerage, we address concerns about the need for face-to-face interaction by regularly hosting in-person agent events for Worth Clark agents to connect with fellow local agents. These can be especially valuable to new agents who require additional support early on. To address this issue, we offer a training and mentorship program where newly licensed agents receive one-on-one training from seasoned real estate professionals. Brittany Peterson, a Worth Clark agent, was initially skeptical when she joined as a brand-new agent. However, she managed to grow her business significantly to $5.5 million in sales within just two years.

At Worth Clark Realty, we strive to empower our agents to be real estate superstars and run their own businesses. The environment at Worth Clark encourages agents to take their real estate knowledge and establish a thriving business for themselves. We support agents in each of their endeavors by empowering them to keep pushing forward, no matter what the industry throws their way. The flexibility, autonomy, and adaptability we offer in the real estate industry are invaluable. Worth Clark stands with you to ensure you have the support and opportunities to succeed.

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