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Worth Clark Realty: Leading the Way in Real Estate Excellence

Worth Clark Realty stands tall as a beacon of success in the real estate industry, a success that it shares with its agents. Established by agents for agents, Worth Clark has navigated the dynamic landscape of the real estate market with precision and determination, always keeping its agents at the forefront. With operations in 15 states and a team of 1,200 agents, Worth Clark continues to grow, even through the industry’s ups and downs.

RealTrends, a respected institution in the real estate industry, annually recognizes top-performing brokerage firms and agents based on closed sales volume and closed sale sides. Worth Clark Realty takes great pride in its consistent recognition on RealTrends’ prestigious lists and the multitude of awards it has received throughout the years, highlighting its credibility and achievements.

As an independent brokerage, Worth Clark Realty has earned a notable place among RealTrends’ top private independent brokerages. Climbing an impressive 30 spots to secure the #39 position on this esteemed list reflects Worth Clark’s significant growth and unwavering focus on providing top-notch support to its agents.

Previous Rankings

Private Independent Brokerages

  • 2024 #39
  • 2023 #47
  • 2022 #69 (debut year)

A particularly esteemed honor bestowed upon Worth Clark by RealTrends is its inclusion in the “RealTrends Verified Best Brokerages 2024” list. Steven Barks, President and COO of Worth Clark Realty, expressed his elation, stating, “We are thrilled by the recent RealTrends results. Our team’s tireless efforts are dedicated to ensuring our agents are not just supported but thriving. Worth Clark’s mission is to empower our agents to achieve unparalleled success and ownership in their real estate endeavors.”

In 2023, Worth Clark Realty continued to attract high-caliber agents and outperformed its competitors, resulting in substantial revenue growth. Worth Clark landed the #42 spot in the top movers by sides/volume category, which further emphasizes its exceptional growth strategies.

Worth Clark Realty stands as a paragon of excellence in the real estate industry, driven by innovation, integrity, and a relentless pursuit of success. As it continues to chart new heights and redefine industry standards, Worth Clark remains dedicated to empowering its agents and fostering a culture of support.

Worth Clark is best known for its 100% commission, reputable reputation, on-demand support, and close-knit community. If you’re interested in learning more about Worth Clark Realty, book a call with our recruiting team here.